Ford & Slater supports Leicestershire Cares ‘Bags of Hope’ Campaign

Ford & Slater supports Leicestershire Cares ‘Bags of Hope’ Campaign

26th March 2021 | Ford & Slater DAF

Ford & Slater have been working alongside Leicestershire Cares since 2008, an initiative of Business in the Community, and this connection has seen our workforce become involved in a wide number of initiatives, including their latest Easter Campaign ‘Bags of Hope’.

After noticing the affect the pandemic has had on children and how their mental well-being has suffered, Leicestershire Cares created this initiative to help show the next generation that we are here to support. The ‘Bags of Hope’ include festive chocolate and activity packs and will be distributed across the community to help give children a break, encourage a smile, and bring some hope!

Jackie Penney, Service Administrator at Ford & Slater, was the key organiser for Ford & Slater’s bag donations. Jackie explains, “Due to the pandemic, I have not been able to organise our usual fundraising. After discussing this with Tim Strevens [Ford & Slater’s Managing Director], the company supported the cause with a generous donation.”

Jackie offered up her time to create 25 ‘Bags of Hope’ filled with colouring books, pencils, bunny ears and Easter eggs. Jackie comments, “I enjoyed filling my trolley with 25 Easter eggs - I got quite a few comments from other shoppers!”

Thank you to Leicestershire Cares for their wonderful initiative and we hope the children enjoy the bags!

Ford & Slater supports Leicestershire Cares ‘Bags of Hope’ Campaign

Jackie Penney delivering the bags to Leicestershire Cares